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About Chiyapan

                                                                         Our Tea Culture 

High quality tea produced by the peasants in the hilly region of Nepal is currently very popular in the world market. 91% of the organic tea produced in here gets assimilated in the world tea market via Indian tea market. In the same way, the tea lovers from all over the world pay personal visit in the tea garden of Nepal and export about 7% of the high quality organic tea in the Euro-American market. We Nepalese consume only the remaining 2% tea.

The report of Tea and Coffee Department Board of Nepal’ indicates a greater problem. Due to the lack of market at the time of harvest, forty thousand kgs. of tea with medicinal values get destroyed. The reason behind it is lack of publicity and advertisement. We import about two hundred thousand kgs. of tea that is chemically treated and is injurious to health. It has severely affected our health.

On the other hand, we are spending huge amount of money importing the poisons tea and the medicine against the diseases caused by those tea.

Drinking tea early in the morning is our culture. In comparison to habit of drinking vodka, whisky, beer, wine etc. in ht cold countries, our tea culture is far betterand we can be proud of it. 75% of our diseases will be eliminated if we consume the organic tea produced in Nepal.

With this concept Chiyapan Pvt. Ltd. has launched a new scheme to make our tea culture healthier. With the budget or twenty five thousand rupees, annual membership can be taken and the member will be served the tea throughout the year. Without any additional charges in endless basis.

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